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Botox Treatment FAQ

Botox Treatment Frequently Asked Questions
Botox is a commonly performed beauty procedure. Our frequently asked questions (FAQ) will provide you with further information.


When Does Botox Start To Work?

Results will be visable three to ten days from the day of treatment.

Is Botox For Women And Men?

Yes, Botox is an excellent cosmetic treatment for men and women. Men may need a slightly larger treatment dose, due to their stronger facial muscle contractions, which would be discussed during a consultation.

Is A Botox Treatment Painful?

A Botox treatment has minimal discomfort and often the small needle is not felt at all.

Who Injects The Botox?

Botox is performed by our trained and qualified physician, Dr. Frost or Registered Nurse Shelley Frost.

How Long Does A Treatment Take?

A Botox treatment itself only takes a few minutes, less time than the consultation. However the full consultation is important to ensure clients have all the information they need and treatment is tailored to the individual.

How Long Does A Botox Treatment Last?

Treated facial muscles will gradually return to their normal action three to five months after treatment, depending on the individual. Our bodies regenerate neuromuscular connections, which means that all muscle activity will return to normal over time.

What Areas Of The Body Is Botox Used For?

Botox is commonly used cosmetically for the following areas;

Crows feet

Squint lines

Forehead lines

Lines at the side of the mouth

Chin lines

Vertical lines between the brows

Is Botox A Toxin?

Botox has been created in a laboratory and it is a purified protein. It is not derived from animals. A part of it’s production involves a specific type of bacteria, much like penicillin is created from mould.

Is Botox Safe?

Botox treatment is one of the safest treatments available in the cosmetic industry today. Any side effects, such as ‘droopy eye’ are always temporary, which is a reason Botox is currently the most popular treatment for looking fresh and youthful, around the world.

Will Facial Lines Look Worse If Treatment Is Not Continued?

Facial muscles gradually revert to normal over time as the Botox wears off. Botox does not cause any damage to facial muscles. Without continued treatment the normal ageing of the face will continue and more lines will appear.


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