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Botox for Wrinkles, Frown Lines & Crows Feet

At Face Value Dr. Frost is an advanced injector of Botox, Dysport and Xeomin, preparations of botulinum used to treatment wrinkles, frown lines and crows feet. Both Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are purified proteins produced by the Clostridium Botulinum bacterium which stop muscles from contracting, allowing the creases, lines and wrinkles to smooth out.

BOTOX for fine lines & wrinkles

Cosmetically Dr. Frost uses Botox, Dysport and Xeomin treatments to relax the muscles in the face that create fine lines and wrinkles and to prevent further deepening of lines. It is a simple 10 minute procedure, with a few tiny Botox injections directly into the muscles we want to treat. There is an art to Botox therapy, to achieve the best and most natural looking results the Botox must be placed in the right muscle, in the correct place, at an ideal dose, and by an experienced practitioner. The most common areas we treat with Botox are the frown lines, or ‘grumpy lines’, the horizontal ‘worry’ lines on the forehead, and the ‘crows feet’ around the eyes.

What Areas Can Be Enhanced through Botox Treatment?

Lines and wrinkles on the upper face, including frown lines (between the eyes), ‘Crow’s Feet’ (lines on the sides of the eyes) and horizontal brow lines, may all be targeted by Botox treatment. Botox can also be used to slightly upturn the mouth corners, reduce 'bunny scrunch' lines, adjust eyebrow shape, soften lip lines and smooth a 'popply' chin. Botox can reduce neck bands and jowls and slim down a wide jaw (masseter muscle). It can be used to stop excessive sweating of the armpits or the palms of the hands. Botox is even used to treat migraines.

Botox will not "freeze" your facial expressions because it only works where you want it too. Botox should be used in a way that retains your natural look.

Things to be aware of are bruising and slight tenderness at the site of a Botox injection which may occur but will quickly settle over a few days. Very rarely do Botox or Dysport migrate and cause unwanted weakness in nearby muscles.  After frown and forehead injections there can be temporary heaviness of an eyelid or eyebrow, lasting two to three weeks. Rarely temporary double vision and dry eyes have been described after a Botox treatment for crows feet. Neck weakness and difficulty swallowing or speaking have been reported with high dose treatment of the neck. High doses of Botox around the lips may prevent whistling or drinking through a straw for generally only a week or so. You may experience reduced bite strength after Botox treatment of the jaw (masseter) muscles.


BOTOX treatment cost

The cost of Botox varies depending on the number of units used. Botox is charged at a current rate of $18.00 per unit. On average the frown or crows feet use twenty units so the cost per site is $360.

At Face Value Dr. Frost will work out the right number of Botox units for you and will advise the total cost before proceeding. He generally reviews all patients at one to two weeks post Botox treatment free of charge, and on the rare occasion that a further top up is needed, he may charge a nominal fee for any additional units needed.


Who is best suited to this treatment?

Both men and women can benefit from a Botox treatment. People who dislike the effects of ageing on their face, or have a stressed, cross or tired look due to fine lines and wrinkles will find this treatment very beneficial.


How long does it take to see results?

Generally the onset occurs after a few days of having a Botox treatment, with maximal results seen after one week. Botox effects generally last three to four months with the first treatment, but often these results last even longer following several treatments.


BOTOX treatment safety

Botox has a very good track record of safety in over 20 years of clinical use and now tens of thousands of New Zealanders are having repeated Botox wrinkle treatments each year. Interestingly, it is now commonly used in a large number of medical specialties such as treating the unstable bladder and in treating cerebral palsy where much greater units of Botox are very safely injected.


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