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Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement, or lip augmentation, is one of Face Value's most popular procedures. The Face Value doctors and nurses have a reputation for creating full, beautifully shaped lips, carefully tailored to suit individual face shapes, in order to maintain balance and a natural appearance. For a more mature client, we can redefine the lip area and correct signs of ageing.

Dermal fillers are very effective for lip reshaping. Lips that are soft, well defined and full help create a beautiful youthful smile and a more confident appearance. Every face shape is unique so to achieve a natural result, balance and restraint is vital.

Clinic founder and Clinical Director Dr. Frost is a senior cosmetic Doctor with over 25 years experience and he is also an accredited member of the NZ Society of Cosmetic Medicine so you can relax knowing you are in safe hands.

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The Face Value team is highly qualified and skilled in the latest non-surgical cosmetic procedures for beauty enhancement. Client satisfaction is our primary goal. If you have any questions about any cosmetic enhancement procedures, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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