Cosmetic Treatments by Condition

Restore your youthful beauty with our extensive range of cosmetic treatments. At Face Value's Christchurch Clinic Dr. Frost and his team are committed to providing clients with the very latest beauty enhancement and cosmetic procedure developments. The treatments offered are listed below as treatments by condition, however if you prefer to choose a treatment by name, you can view them by clicking here: treatments by name. If you have any questions about choosing the right procedure then please do not hesitate to call. We are always happy to help.

Wrinkles, Frown Lines or Crows Feet
Face Value offers treatment options that successfully address facial wrinkles, frown lines and crows feet. If you need any assistance on selecting the best option for you then please do not hesitate to contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.
Hollow Cheeks & Loss of Mid Face Volume
Hollow or sunken cheeks are a very common condition that have a surprisingly effective and simple solution. Dr. Frost can carefully apply dermal fillers to add natural looking volume and restore a youthful looking cheek line.
Lip Enhancement
Dermal fillers are very effective for lip reshaping. Lips that are soft, well defined and full, help create a beautiful youthful smile and a more confident appearance. Dermal fillers are ideal for increasing lip size and enhancing lip shape. In achieving a natural result, balance and harmony is vital.
Double Chin
Dr Frost is delighted to be one of first doctors in New Zealand to offer this treatment. It has undergone extensive clinical trials and is a safe and effective non-surgical approach to the very common problem of sub-mental fat, or double chin.
Scars and Acne Scarring
Facial scarring and pockmarks can be significantly reduced, and in most cases, completely alleviated. Dermal fillers or a course of microneedling or Morpeus8 RF needling treatments can offer successful results.
Botulinum Toxin For Excessive Sweating
You may be surprised to know that excessive sweating can be treated with Botox. The results are outstanding and can last up to one year. No more worrying about sweaty underarms or clammy palms!
Moles, Skin Tags or Facial Veins
Boost your confidence and feel great with a blemish-free complexion. Face Value offers professional minor surgery services that remove moles, skin tags and facial veins.