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Minor Surgery

At Face Value, we can remove raised moles and skin tags and also treat small facial veins using the Surgitron, a radio frequency device. Clients are initially assessed to ensure this is an appropriate method of treatment and dermoscopy recommended where approriate to determine that the lesion is benign.


What Does This Procedure Involve?

After injecting a small volume of local anaesthetic the mole or skin tag is shaved back to a natural flat level using a tungsten electrode. The Surgitron both cuts and cauterises, ensuring virtually no bleeding during the procedure. A specimen from the area is removed and sent to the laboratory for histological examination with the results sent to your general practitioner and yourself.

Will It Be Painful?

This procedure is performed using a local anaesthetic, which means that the area around your skin lesion will be numbed. At the beginning of your appointment, the local anaesthetic will be injected around the lesion. You will not feel any pain during the procedure.

Will I Require Any Post-Treatment Care?

After the mole or tag is removed the client is left with a superficial red area of skin which will heal like that of a superficial graze .The advantage of this technique is that it does not require incision and sutures, and the area heals quickly, almost always without any scarring.

For more information on the excision of skin lumps and bumps, please contact our medical team.



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