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What is Forma?

Forma is a cutting-edge, non-surgical skin tightening and elasticity treatment. Using radiofrequency technology, Forma gradually heats the deep layers of tissue beneath the skin to an optimal temperature for a set period of time. The body responds to this deep tissue stimulation by forming new collagen, its natural skin-plumping mechanism. This system is geared to improve the skin’s elasticity and contour for a firmer, tighter appearance.


Who is suitable for Forma?

Forma is suitable for all skin types and is appropriate for any individual seeking a non-invasive and natural looking approach to improvements in skin tone, texture and laxity. It is a perfect treatment for busy, active patients who cannot tolerate a lot of downtime. Forma is called a “lunch-time treatment” because you can resume normal activities immediately after and apply any skin care products or make-up as desired. Commonly treated areas include: forehead, crow’s feet, eyelids, nasolabial folds, jowls, smile lines and neck.

Forma can correct:
- Loose skin
- Fine lines and wrinkles
- Uneven skin texture


What does it involve?

The effects of Forma accumulate over time. Typically, sessions are repeated every 1-2 weeks over a 6-8 week period for best results. Individuals with mild laxity may be treated in fewer sessions with more weeks in between. Those with more extensive skin damage or sagging skin can see fantastic results with a few additional treatments. Scheduling will be based on your individual needs which will be discussed with you at your consultation.


Treatment, Recovery and Results

Forma is completely painless, feeling more like a warm massage. There is zero downtime. In some cases, the skin might appear slightly red, but any
redness should subside within a couple of hours. You should notice gradual results with each treatment as new collagen is produced. Results will continue to improve for months after treatments as collagen continues to form and your skin continues to contract.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can Forma be used alongside other treatments?
Yes, Forma can be used in combination with most other laser treatments, facials, and injectables.

How is Forma different from other RF treatments?
Forma is the only auto-adjusting thermal radio frequency skin treatment. Pre-programmed optimal temperatures control the thermal profile and maintain the temperature for a prolonged thermal treatment without overheating. Even thermal treatment means better results. The Forma technology is based on ACE technology which is comprised of the following steps:
 Acquire: Forma has a temperature sensor built into the hand piece which reads skin surface temperature 1000 times per second, allowing skin temperature to be acquired in real time.
 Control: Software algorithm allows unprecedented safety of RF delivery. The “cut off temperature" feature reduces RF energy automatically when the hand piece senses that the required skin temperature has been reached.
 Extend: Clinical evidence suggests prolonged exposure to temperature above 40°C is advantageous for optimal clinical outcomes. Only the technology in Forma allows the utilisation of therapeutic temperatures safely and efficiently.


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